Max Kuhn’s “Build My Nest On The Ground”

And Pens presents,
Build My Nest On The Ground
a solo show by Max Kuhn

Opening reception
Saturday February 3, 2024 from 6-9 pm
And Pens
4533 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA.

On display through March 3

Max Kuhn is a multimedia artist born in 1989 from Richmond, Virginia. Formerly a self-taught tattoo artist, Kuhn travelled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe for over a decade.

Using limited painting techniques originally developed for making tattoo flash designs, he began illustrating an on-going travelogue on scrap cardboard and old book covers during long periods of solitary travel. His paintings and sculptures depict the folkloric characters of cowboy or hobo, often incorporating diaristic and confessional writing.

“For me, they are pretty untethered from any kind of real history or nostalgia or something. It’s just the use of simple icons to represent something harder to get your hands around. They act as alter-egos, a way of blending actual experience and memory with a more collective myth. I’m not so much attracted to a specific time period, I’m just moved by things feeling human and organic and there is less of that today,”