Atelier Bingo

And Pens presents
a solo exhibition by
Atelier Bingo

Opens Saturday, April 6 from 6 – 8 pm
on display through May 1

Atelier Bingo bring colors like amulets, crossing the Atlantic and unfurling like a group, with their collage and engraved coats of arms, occult candlesticks and cabalistic names. From Brittany to California, the poetry of these creations, as mysterious as they are obvious, is joyfully discovered, transcending form and waving among the hills of Los Angeles,reading like a secret signpost for coyotes wandering between the freeways of the infinite city. From one rocky coast to another, where the land flows into the sea, no one knows how shapes are born.

From their home studio, an old café hidden at the end of a cul-de-sac on Brittany’s north coast (France), Atelier Bingo glues mediums together, collects scraps and reassembles them. The result is a colorful abstraction full of meaning, each one’s own, beyond the rules of composition and layout, all without a manual. It tickles the accidental to bring out a beauty that is accessible and open. The form is conditioned by the tool, the scissors, the hand that tears, as much as the pencil or the clay. Textures are worked like ingredients that Adèle and Maxime mix with brilliantly hued colors, the work is then adorned with surreal titles born of the poetry of everyday life. From collage ceramics and engraving, it’s from the material that the piece emerges, shaped by the complementary skills of the two artists. Atelier Bingo’s creations exist in an instinctive space that they occupy without apology.